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Dr. David Lister, DMD


For your protection, and ours, we have taken the following precautions:

Entering and Exiting


  1.  We are limiting the number of patients allowed in the lobby by making use of our outdoor seating. Thus, following social distancing protocol.
  2. All scheduling and payments will be made before patient goes to treatment areas, to limit the spread of aerosols.
  3. After treatment, we will release all patients through our back exit to keep non-treatment areas (lobby, reception, etc) sanitized.





  1. We are following all CDC and OSHA guidelines in sanitizing our treatment areas as well as in sterilizing our dental  instruments.
  2. We have installed air handlers in each treatment room to remove aerosols.
  3. We have also placed air purifiers in each treatment room to help clean air.
  4. In addition to each purifier in treatment areas, we have had a UV Air Purifier professionally installed in our central air conditioning system to prevent virus and bacteria from circulating.
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